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Outliers detection quantile


Returns boolean, if the field is between the interval defined by quantile_min and quantile_max.


  1. Column input:

    • Def: Specify the name of the column.
  2. Quantile min:

    • Def: Specify the minimum quantile for the interval.
  3. Quantile max:

    • Def: Specify the maximum quantile for the interval.
  4. Replace mode:

    • Def: Specify the replace mode for the outliers.
  5. drop NA:

    • Def: Specify if you want to drop the row's NA.
  6. Get outliers:

    • Def: Specify if you want to get outliers.

Additional Comment

0.25 for 25%

  1. cap:

    • Def: Changes the value by the nearest bound.
  2. keep:

    • Def: Keeps the outliers.
  3. drop:

    • Def: Drops the outliers.