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Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet offered by Google as part of their Drive office services. It makes it easy to create, edit and collaborate with others from any device.

Google Sheets can be used as an input and/or an output.

Syncing mode

  • Create a new worksheet
  • Create a new spreadsheet
  • Add data (Insert) in an existing worksheet
  • Erase and Replace data (Drop) in an existing worksheet


To configure Google Sheets connector:

  1. Give a name to your connector:
    Gdrive - Name

  2. Click on Authenticate with Google:
    Gdrive - Authenticate button

  3. Allow RestApp and its features:

  4. Test the connection and be sure it is successfull:
    Gdrive - Authentication success

Refresh Token

Click on Remove Access to refresh token.
Gdrive - Refresh token

Follow the Setup part from 2 for the next step.